Title: Hands and Feet

Artists: Shirley Cameron, Roland Miller

Photographer: Wieslaw Dobron

Date: April 1978

Location: Tour of theatres and galleries in Lotz, Lublin, Warsaw, Poznan

Duration: 1.5 hours (theatres) to 3 hours (galleries)

Our reception in Lotz. We travelled as a family by train from London through Berlin to Poland. Our first performance was to be in Teater Pstrang in Lotz and we arrived in the early hours - much later than predicted. A reception committee lined up to great us with a song and a posy of flowers for Roland, myself and four-year olds, Lois and Colette. Food was brought and we ate, all together. Our memory is of exceptional warmth and interest in ourselves and our work.

Heads, Hands and Feet. The proposition was as follows - that our Heads, and all that was of them - complexion, hair, cigarette smoke, speech - all was yellow; that our Hands, and all that was of them - nail extensions, knitting, gestures - all was red; and our Feet, and all that was of them - boots, kicking, footprints - all was blue. In addition we hung stuffed fabric humanoids with matching extremities. The proposition was the start for a part improvised performance - (of which, for the first 20 minutes, the four year-olds, Lois and Colette, were a part.)