This website has examples of my art work from each of six decades, starting with my sculpture from the 60s and early 70s.

I studied at St Martins School of Art, Sculpture Department with Anthony Caro as my tutor, and I exhibited mainly in London Galleries – CV for details. In 1970 I was teaching at Swansea and Carmarthen Schools of Art and I met Roland Miller who was then performing with The People Show.

We started working in a partnership which combined our ideas and skills in art and in performance and so began our Performance Art work together. Railway Images, performed for train travellers between Leeds and Wakefield, was our first project.We were busy so I gave up teaching. My work then was producing objects for performances and being in the art work – in many different ways. We were prolific throughout the 1970s, travelling around the UK and throughout Europe including Eastern Europe – CV for details. We worked in galleries, theatres and all kinds of public spaces, sometimes with other artists and sometimes with our young daughters. We represented Britain, along with a selection of other artists, both in Milan for Arte Inglese Oggi and in Austria for Englische Kunst.

In the 80s politics of different sorts came to the fore. As the art and performance group Sister Seven, we toured our anti-nuclear exhibition to over 60 venues, sometimes including performance events. With Evelyn Silver, one of the women in Sister Seven, we produced 10 different performances including, I Married Charles – You Can Too. I started designing and making stage sets for Red Ladder Theatre Group and other theatre groups – see CV.

I continued into the 90s working with Roland Miller, with our daughters and with other artists, but no longer full time. Years of exacting work affected my health - and funds were short. From, art in the community, I moved into Community Work employment where my skills in applying for grants for projects were put to good use. I have retired from this work now. My art projects for this 2010 decade have been Tree Installations. These 3 installations attempt to communicate the beauty of Sahaja Yoga and the unity underlying all religions and philosophies.

Shirley Cameron, 2014.