Kundalini Tree, 2007

This installation was in a room in my house. A bamboo pole went from floor to ceiling with a white clematis climbing in a spiral around it. This was like the spiralling of the kundalini with the white flowers like chakras – seven in number. This was the number of lights and growing seeds. The lights revealed images.

Confetti Tree, 2010

This installation was in the Quaker Meeting Rooms. I printed card with small symbols for the 5 main religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism. This card was cut to produce confetti. The image – was of visitors blowing the confetti onto the tree where the different symbols mingled. The meaning, there is one truth, all religions are one…

Calligraphy Tree, 2011

This installation was also at the Quakers and developed ideas from Confetti Tree. The main religions were represented with quotes from their Holy Books, all describing the Divine as a cool breeze or breath. The image – these quotes cascading down from a central tree (rather like a maypole). Calligraphy could be tried in a workshop and seen – in several longer quotes.