Work in Mainland Europe & Canada

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Black and Silver

continuous performance in the Dutch section [interventions], 7th Paris Biennale, Paris

Actions on stairs

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Hit and Knit

with John and Claire Darling, street in Amsterdam

Small Scale for Sonsbeek

with John and Claire Darling, Sonsbeek, Holland

Yellow Actions

Holland Festival, Amsterdam and Rotterdam


De Hell Restaurant, Ghent, Belgium


performance Galerie ‘m’, Bochum, Germany


Kulturtater, Streets/Gallery, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland


Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Fanfare for Europe Festival

Hull and on ferry

Ropes and Fire

performance/installation, Internationaal Cultureel Centrum, Antwerp, Belgium

Pink and Black

Open Festival, Louvain, Belgium

In Air and Water

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam


Europalia Exhibition of British Art, Palais des Beaux Artes, Brussels

8th Paris Biennale

Paris, audio-visual section


in the Students Cultural Centre Gallery, Belgrade

Red Man/Red Woman

International Cultural Centre, Antwerp, Belgium

Pink & Black

performance/installation, Galleria Dois, Porto Art College, town square, Porto, Portugal

Performances in Les Six Jours de la Peinture

Marseille, France

Seed Drill/Pyramid, Arte Inglese Oggi

performance and commissioned banners, Milan, Italy – (representing Britain).

Magnolia pruning pink

Spazio Alternative 2, Montecatini, Italy

Mirramid, Aktionen Blumenhalde

procession and performances, Aarau, Switzerland

Performances, 111 Encontros de Arte em Portugal

Povao de Varzim, Portugal

Mirramid in Green

Foire International d’art contemporain, Sacre Coeur and the FIAC art fair, Grand Palais, Paris

Comme Ca

Gallery Ecole des Beaux Arts and outside, Metz, France


with Miguel Yeco at Quartos Encontros Internacionals de Arte em Portugal in Caldas da Rainha

The Forest Feast

at Quartos Encontros Internacionals de Arte em Portugal in Caldas da Rainha

Washing the Twins

with Angela Carter at Quartos Encontros Internacionals de Arte em Portugal in Caldas da Rainha

Grid, performance

Montreal and tour of galleries – Kingston, Ottowa, London, Toronto in Canada

Pink and Green Performance, Englische Kunst der Gegenwart

Bregenz, Austria

Heads, Hands & Feet

Polish tour of theatres and galleries to Lodz, Lublin, Warsaw, Poznan (see images here)

Inspection Pit 1&11

International Symposium, Plener Maistko, Warcino

Performance and Body

Galeria LDK Labirynt, Lublin, Poland

Performances at a Plener

near Slupsk, Poland


Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland


performance & conference, Montecatini, Italy

Oak Tree Knitting Performance

with Roland Miller, Lois and Colette, Bundesgartenaschau, Kassel, Germany

A Communal Sculpture

built with children in a Paris suburb

Fotospiel & Nature v Nurture, Left v Right

performances with Roland Miller, Lois and Colette, Schloss Bleckede, Germany

Art Performance Dans La Ville

est organise par la Maison Pour Tous du Champy, Paris

Baby Tree, invitation to mark the 40th anniversary of the ending of the 2nd World War with a performance

Berlin, hall and market

Triple Transformations

performances/exhibition, artists’ residency with Monica Ross and Evelyn Silver, Rochdale locations and Rochdale Art Gallery , including, Ms Besco Project, Besco Baron Factory and Britannia Waives the Rules

The Artist Signs – Look at Life

film/performance, Zap Club, Brighton, Ulster Festival of Performance Art and Lyon, France


performance/installation with Roland Miller, Lois and Colette Cameron-Miller, Galerie L’Ollave, Lyon, France

The Artist Signs

performance & exhibition, University of Ulster Festival of Performance Art, Coleraine, The Old Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland & Gallerie L’Ollave, Lyon, France

Earth Sign Earth

performance with Roland Miller, Gustrow, Eastern Germany

Suhry Interplays 92

exhibition with Anna Daucikova, Culture House, Bratislava, Slovakia

Signs and Sites

performance with Colette Cameron & Tree goddess, at Castle of Imagination, Pojezierze Bytowskie, Bytow, Poland

Project Zero

with Roland Miller, European architects & artists gathering, Belgrade, Serbia

Archive Alive – the Little Fountain

performance, Europejski Festiwal Sztuki Performance, EPAF, Ujazdowski Castle, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland

English Measuring

In Situ, Fundacja Sztukiu Wspolczesnej, Performance and Film Festival, Sokolowsko, Poland

Photographs of Washing the Twins performance in Portugal

with Angela Carter, United Enemies exhibition, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds


Berlin, exhibition of performance photographs with Monica Ross & Evelyn Silver, Akademie der Kunste, Berlin