Work With Roland Miller

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Paper Man and Rabbit

Art Spectrum London, Alexandra Palace, London

Spilt Milk

Barry Summer School

Lookout, Railway Event

between Leeds & Wakefield Stations for train passengers, performance
with Leeds Art students

Performance with hat

Art Spectrum London, Alexandra Palace, London

Performance wearing cakes

Oval House, London


Halifax Northern Open Workshop

From Splott to Canton and Back

performances with John and Clair Darling, Jeff Nuttall and Rose Maguire, streets and Chapter Arts Centre

The Cyclamen Cyclists

Bradford Festival and Swansea Festival – see Environments and Happenings, Adrian Henri, Thames and Hudson, 1974 pp. 126-7, no99 (illustration)

Rose Street and back

with Jeff Nuttall, Edinburgh

Performances with Tom McGrath

Third Eye Centre, Glasgow

The New Fol de Rols

with Rose McGuire, Jeff Nuttall, John & Claire Darling, Edinburgh, Leeds, Cardiff

Red and Green

with trolleys, Nottingham Festival

Signs across the River

Aberaeron Carnival

Black and Silver

continuous performance in the Dutch section [interventions], 7th Paris Biennale, Paris

Look and See

City Craft Gallery and yard, Swansea

Just suppose in this school

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Actions on stairs

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Hit and Knit

with John and Claire Darling, street in Amsterdam

Small Scale for Sonsbeek

with John and Claire Darling, Sonsbeek, Holland

Flowers and Flesh

installation/performance, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff


Edinburgh Festival

Striped Sound

with The Gentle Fire musicians, May Festival, Oval House, London


St Martins School of Art hall, London

Oben und Unten by Stockhausen

with The Gentle Fire group, Brighton Uni & The Royal Court Theatre

Swansea One Week College of Art

with Rob Con, Diz Willis, Mick Banks, Marc Chaimowicz John Gingell & Cardiff College of Art students, ongoing events, Swansea Arts Festival, Wales

Whose Art?

with Jeff Nuttall, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, Wales

Images and Performance

with Leeds Fine Art students, including Geraldine Pilgrim, Alexandra Hotel, Bradford College, Bradford

Washerteria, Dance/Dining Rooms

Oval House, London – see article by John Fordham, Time Out Drawing a Line, From Mumbles Lighthouse to Oystermouth Castle, Mumbles beach, Swansea

Drawing a Line, From Mumbles Lighthouse to Oystermouth Castle

Mumbles beach, Swansea

Squares of Experience

performance and installation, Serpentine Gallery, London

Yellow Actions

Holland Festival, Amsterdam and Rotterdam


De Hell Restaurant, Ghent, Belgium

White People

with Swansea Art students, NUS Drama Festival, Leicester University


performance Galerie ‘m’, Bochum, Germany


Arts Council tour, Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

Landscapes and Living Spaces

University Theatre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


performances in 5 containers, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Wales


Kulturtater, Streets/Gallery, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland


Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Fanfare for Europe Festival

Hull and on ferry

Out of Step, Fanfare for Europe Festival

with Bath Arts Workshop members, Wales and Holland

Cyclemen Cyclists

for the Bradford Festival and South Wales

Ropes and Fire

performance/installation, Internationaal Cultureel Centrum, Antwerp, Belgium

Containers/Cages/Homes & Serial 11

May Festival, Oval House, London

User Boxes

outside Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Pink and Black

Open Festival, Louvain, Belgium

Sculpture based on agricultural machinery

Devon Country Show & touring other agricultural shows

In Air and Water

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Declared and Undeclared, plus Another Performance

Bath Arts Workshop, Another Festival, Bath

Naming Our Vision

Serpentine Gallery, London

Performance with music

Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

Magic and Strong Medicine

Peter Moores Liverpool Project 2, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

Zone Centre



Europalia Exhibition of British Art, Palais des Beaux Artes, Brussels

30th Birthday Project, Experimental Art Award

Yorkshire Arts Association, Installations, Abbey Road, London with Bobby Baker and Sheffield, Yorkshire


including The Pregnant Bunny Girl and Mrs. Rabbit, Devon County Show, Lincoln Show, 3 Counties Show, Border Show, East of England Show

8th Paris Biennale

Paris, audio-visual section


in the Students Cultural Centre Gallery, Belgrade

Rob Con at Oriel

plus guest performers, Chapter Arts Centre

Red Man/Red Woman

International Cultural Centre, Antwerp, Belgium

Pink & Black

performance/installation, Galleria Dois, Porto Art College, town square, Porto, Portugal


installation with babies with Miller, Walcot Village Hall, Bath Other Festival

Landscapes and Living Spaces, Out of Step

International Performance Festival, Birmingham

Within Building Sight at the Blackie

Great Georges Project, Liverpool

Double Cultivation

East of England Agricultural Show, Newark Show

Spotted Window

Bath Arts Workshop shop windows, Bath


installation with babies, Liverpool Academy Gallery

Red Line

Walcot Village Hall, Bath, UK

A Man’s Romance, A Woman’s Classic

Oval House, London

Landscapes and Living Spaces, The Performance Show

City Art Gallery, Southampton

Old Jewry Performances

Birmingham Festival of Performance Art, Birmingham

Performances at The Blue Man

with weekly guests, Grantham, Lincolnshire

Greenhouse reflections

tour of agricultural shows extending to Scotland & including the Orkney Isles

Black and White

street performance, Nottingham

Performances in Les Six Jours de la Peinture

Marseille, France


East of England Agricultural Show

Seed Drill/Pyramid, Arte Inglese Oggi

performance and commissioned banners, Milan, Italy – (representing Britain).

Magnolia pruning pink

Spazio Alternative 2, Montecatini, Italy

Mirramid, Aktionen Blumenhalde

procession and performances, Aarau, Switzerland

A-D, E-K, L-R, S-Z, the London Telephone Directory

with Michael Robinson, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Public Art

with Bobby Baker, Grantham Town Hall, Grantham, Lincolnshire

Poetry, Sculpture and Performance Arts

with Jeff Nuttall, Arvon Foundation, Lumb Bank, Yorkshire

Performance artists on site

Walcot Sunshine Festival, Bath

Mirramid in Green

Foire International d’art contemporain, Sacre Coeur and the FIAC art fair, Grand Palais, Paris

Comme Ca

Gallery Ecole des Beaux Arts and outside, Metz, France

Here and Then

performance, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Serial, Dalta Stopover

with Portable Theatre Workshop, Aston Studio Theatre, Birmingham

Newark and Notts Agricultural Shows, Devon County Show

Installations and performances

The Blue Man Events

Grantham, weekly performances with guests into 1977

Seed Drill

Agricultural Shows tour


with Miguel Yeco at Quartos Encontros Internacionals de Arte em Portugal in Caldas da Rainha

The Forest Feast

at Quartos Encontros Internacionals de Arte em Portugal in Caldas da Rainha

Washing the Twins

with Angela Carter at Quartos Encontros Internacionals de Arte em Portugal in Caldas da Rainha

Grid, performance

Montreal and tour of galleries – Kingston, Ottowa, London, Toronto in Canada

Grid, performance

at Ayton Basement, Newcastle-upon-Tyne & St Martins School of Art, London

The White Queen’s Cakes, Food Art exhibition

with performance, Kettle’s Yard Gallery, Parker’s Piece & Midsummer Common, Cambridge

The 100 Holes

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (Video Available)

Eat Pink Eat Green, Eat Fat Eat Thin

Brighton Sea Front and tour of agricultural shows and then at Whitechapel Art Gallery with documentation, London

Pink and Green Performance, Englische Kunst der Gegenwart

Bregenz, Austria

Ceremonies & Transformations of the Beasts

with Angela Carter, Miguel Yeco, Bath, UK

Work is Your Religion

inside and outside Norwich Art Centre, Norwich

Taken for Grant-aid

exhibition, Area Centre, Hull

The Fairground, exhibition installations

Whitechapel Art Gallery, Nov-Dec.

The Sun, the Rain and the Rainbow Bride

Rainbow Fair, Norfolk

Tableaux, performances as sculpture, Nostalgia– la Vie en Rose,

Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham

Heads, Hands & Feet

Polish tour of theatres and galleries to Lodz, Lublin, Warsaw, Poznan (see images here)

Ranters – Talking to Your Own Head

Melton Mowbray

Inspection Pit 1&11

International Symposium, Plener Maistko, Warcino

Seed Drill No. 3

East of England Show and Cromford Fair, Derbyshire

Performance and Body

Galeria LDK Labirynt, Lublin, Poland

Tree Triangles

Alford Festival, Lincolnshire


Ustka, Baltic Coast, Poland

Celebration of Pre-Matrication

performance/installation, part of Scale for Sculpture, Arts Council tour, Serpentine Gallery, London, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, Walker Gallery, Liverpool, City Gallery, Southampton, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea

Noughts & Crosses – The History of Western Civilisation

performance residency with writer Angela Carter, Brian Popay, Casey Miller, Mark Pearce, Lois and Colette Cameron-Miller, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff and Oval House, London

Fishing/The Fish King

Matlock Park, Derbyshire


Cotes Mill, Loughborough, Wolverhampton Art College, Cardiff Art College & Reading Uni

Performance as Context season

Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham.

Pink and Green Film

with Lol Coxhill, Nottingham

Performances at a Plener

near Slupsk, Poland

Anglo-Polski, Art and Performance

tour to Nottingham, Cardiff, Grantham, London, Glasgow, with Jerzy Beres, Andrzej Kostolowski, Zbigniew Warpechowski


Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, Ireland

Black and Whiteways


Mermaid and Machine Man

Cotes Mill Arts Centre and yard, Loughborough

Hands On, Hands Off



Aberystwyth Art Centre


Oval House Theatre, London

Albi Fair


Oak Tree Knitting Performance

with Roland Miller, Lois and Colette, Bundesgartenaschau, Kassel, Germany

The Rainbow Fair

Albion Fairs’ series with Miller, Lois and Colette, Stour Valley, Suffolk


Oval House Theatre, London

Albion Fairs – Fairy Fair

A Communal Sculpture

built with children in a Paris suburb

Sister to Shakespeare

100th Birthday Party for Virginia Woolf, The Blackie Art Centre, Liverpool

Fotospiel & Nature v Nurture, Left v Right

performances with Roland Miller, Lois and Colette, Schloss Bleckede, Germany

Art Performance Dans La Ville

est organise par la Maison Pour Tous du Champy, Paris

Live Art Works

various artists, The Magazine, Leicester

Yellow, Blue, Red

Albion Fairs’ series – Lyng Fair

Signs and Pink and Green Film

New Gallery, Ryders, Dartington, Devon

The Choice is Yours

with Miller, Birch Community Centre, Manchester

Live Art Works

a series of performances at the Leadmill, Sheffield, including guest performance by pyrotechnician, Pierre Alain Hubert

Jobs for a Change

Greater London Council Festival, South Bank, and Jobs Festival, Battersea Park, London.

The Art That Moves

exhibition, Huddersfield Art Gallery

Live Art Works

at the Leadmill

Baby Tree, invitation to mark the 40th anniversary of the ending of the 2nd World War with a performance

Berlin, hall and market

Dresden 1945/1985 in Bradford event

with Miller, Lois and Colette, Justin Buxton

Founder member with Miller, and later Conference Organiser for the National Artists Association


Thatcher and Reagan against the bombing of Libya

Sheffield streets and City Hall

The Art That Moves

an exhibition of documents from the development of Performance Art from the 60s to the 80s, Huddersfield Art Gallery and Northern Ireland

The Sheffield Friday Show

with Miller, various shows each week, the Leadmill

The Artist Signs

The Zap Club, Brighton


performance/installation with Roland Miller, Lois and Colette Cameron-Miller, Galerie L’Ollave, Lyon, France

Live in The Present Besieged by the Past

for Live in Lincoln, performance/installation and workshops, Usher Gallery, Lincoln


moving sculpture project with Miller, Lois and Colette and 2 others, Gateshead National Garden Festival

Ulster Festival of Performance Art

with Miller, exhibition and performance, Coleraine, Northern Ireland and the Old Museum Arts Centre, Belfast

Earth Sign Earth

performance with Roland Miller, Gustrow, Eastern Germany

Songs of Antliers

with Miller, the Leadmill, Sheffield

Women and Food

performance with Evelyn Silver and Lisa Watts, Nottingham Playhouse and tour, and Meals in August, Castle Museum, Nottingham


Food and Cookery, Centre for Performance Research, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff With Miller

Signs and Sites

performance with Colette Cameron & Tree goddess, at Castle of Imagination, Pojezierze Bytowskie, Bytow, Poland

Project Zero

with Roland Miller, European architects & artists gathering, Belgrade, Serbia

Secret Gardens exhibition, Letters to the Flowers

Hillsborough Walled Garden, Sheffield, SCAT Arts Trust

Archive Alive – the Little Fountain

performance, Europejski Festiwal Sztuki Performance, EPAF, Ujazdowski Castle, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland

Archive Alive

exhibition, Open Up, Sheffield

What’s Welsh for Performance – An Oral History of Performance Art in Wales project by Dr Heike Roms

performance interview at Time-Based Art Dept Cardiff School of Art,

Networking the Bloc: UK Connections Symposium Royal Scottish Academy, lecture/demonstration

with Miller, Edinburgh

Sophie Hope Discussions

Deptford, London

English Measuring

In Situ, Fundacja Sztukiu Wspolczesnej, Performance and Film Festival, Sokolowsko, Poland

The 1% Club

performance with Isobel Brooks and Roland Miller, Occupy Conference, camp and streets, Sheffield

Photographs of Washing the Twins performance in Portugal

with Angela Carter, United Enemies exhibition, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds


Site Gallery, Sheffield, guest artist with Stefan Szczelkun