Proposed performance for Ian Hinchliffe’s Memorial Day, Beaconsfield, 2.7.11

A Table from Yorkshire

A large table with a white table cloth on it has the following place settings. In the centre of each setting is a drinking glass containing a small quantity of any drink. On each side of the glass are cotton protective gloves, protective eye glasses (or sun glasses might do) and also a small hammer and a fork and spoon. In the centre of the table is a large metal bowl.
People, who have had the performance explained to them, are invited to sit at the place settings. They may dress as they wish. Equally, this could be a pre-arranged group. They are not to talk. Someone at the end of the table proposes a toast to the memory of Ian Hinchliffe. Those at the table stay seated and put on their gloves and their glasses, lift up their drink to participate in the toast and then drink it down. After that they take up their hammer and fork and proceed break their drinking glasses. This should be done gently and coolly while listening for musical occurrences. The pieces of glass they spoon into the metal bowl in the centre and then leave the table. The performance is finished when everyone has done this.

Shirley Cameron, May 2011

We are sorry that we can’t come to this day – we are sure that it will be a fitting memorial for Ian.
Please do this performance once only, for the Memorial Day (I guess it won’t exceed the 10 allotted minutes). Or it may be read out, again, only once. Thanks, Shirley.
After the event. I was told that my performance idea was enacted and a video of it was promised, which I’m told does exist, but it was not sent to me.